Art the Clown

Art the Clown is the main antagonist of the Terrifier franchise.

He is a demonic killer clown with mime-like qualities who appears on Halloween nights to wreak havoc and torture others. The character appears in many of director Damien Leone's works, originating in the short film The 9th Circle before taking on a more prominent role in feature horror films. He is also the archenemy of Sienna Shaw and Victoria Heyes.

In All Hallows' Eve, he was portrayed by Mike Giannelli, who also played the demonic figure in The 9th Circle. He is later portrayed by David Howard Thornton in Terrifier, Terrifier 2, and the upcoming Terrifier 3, who also played the title character in The Mean One.


Art the Clown dons the appearance of a clown dressed in black and white costume. He is often shown carrying a black trash bag, in which he keeps his various crude weapons. His face is painted pale white, while his eyes, mouth, and (fake) eyebrows are painted black. He wears a white bald cap on his head, complete with a small black hat strapped on top. It is revealed in Terrifier that Art has a normal Caucasian skin tone, along with shaved eyebrows. He is depicted as being somewhat tall, and having a thin build.

Art's appearance changes drastically throughout the short films that are shown in All Hallows' Eve. In the first short VHS film, he has the appearance of a human clown. In the second and third short VHS films, his appearance has become more unsettling, with him having filthy, rotting teeth, an abnormally shaped head, deeply sunken cheeks, and an elongated, crooked nose that comes to an unnaturally sharp point (although this may be due to the usage of prosthetic facial features and makeup). Art dons this same appearance in the film Terrifier.


Art is a vile, dangerous, and demented killer clown who has a penchant for viciously slaughtering nearly anyone he comes across, with his preferred method of killing and torture being mutilation. Art possesses various supernatural abilities as well, which he uses to induce fear upon his targets.

He is shown to be an extremely dedicated serial killer, stopping at nothing until he has finally cornered his victims, who he continually chases down, terrorizes and stalks, before either killing in a slow, violently sadistic manner, or, as shown in some cases, sparing their lives, only so that they have to live with the trauma he has exposed them to.

Unlike other silent slasher villains, Art is very expressive and emotional, using gestures and facial expressions to communicate. Art's behavior is very much like that of a silent clown, in obvious reference to his appearance, and he is never shown speaking or making any other audible noises. Even when badly injured, he mimes screams of pain instead of actually screaming. This implies that Art, (at least in the Terrifier continuity) is and was born a mute person. He always (silently) laughs when his targets are in peril, and is very theatrical when hunting down and killing them, oftentimes performing his kills in an animated, comedic manner.

It should be worth mentioning that for some reason, Leone likes to include scenes in his movies starring Art with the clown smearing his own feces on the walls of restrooms. Fans of the movie still do not know why.


  • According to Damien Leone in an interview, Art did not realize that he would come back to life before he shot himself in the head.
  • Contrary to the character himself, Art's current actor, David Howard Thornton, has been described by cast members as being very fun and friendly to work with, and he remains good friends with the actors in both films.
  • In the sequel, he has an accomplice, who is referred to as The Little Pale Girl.