Black Harlequin is a sociopathic madman and one of the villains found in the free-to-play game Champions Online, where he acts as a nemesis of sorts to Toy Master during a Winter Event known as "Attack of the Misfit Toys".


Black Harlequin is a sociopathic villain operating primarily out of Millennium City. The product of a poor upbringing at the hands of his cold-hearted mother, he's antisocial and takes great pleasure in seeing others harmed. Harlequin has a love for toys and pranks, two pasttimes he's combined in order to create his array of combat gadgets.

During the "Attack of the Misfit Toys" Winter Event, Black Harlequin has taken it upon himself to ruin the holidays for the citizens of Millennium City. He's placed his dangerous Misfit Toys in giftboxes hidden by the Toy Master and intended for the world's heroes. In addition, he's completed his most recent project, Clarence the Mechateddy, and leads the gigantic stuffed toy in a rampage through the city streets.