Bozette Slapstick

Bozette Slapstick was in the Totally Spies episode, "Clowning Around!". She is basically a female version of Jazz Hands the mime.


Similiar to Jazz Hands with his pursuit of restoring the glory of mime, Bozette wants to revive the former glory of clowns as her scheme is to create cosmetics made of seaweed that would make whoever wore the make-up look and act like a clown.

The girls were immediately sent to France by Jerry to investigate a Chinese Diplomat who was turned into a clown during a live news event. Sam discovers something strange about the lipstick and when Clover tries to use the same powder that she bought earlier, Sam tries to stop her. But after a scuffle, Clover's face turns into a clown's and she she starts acting like one too. Guards track them down only to be distracted by Clover's clown face allowing the girls to escape with the help of Sam's Expandable Cable Bungee Belt.

Later on, the girls are sent in Tokyo, Japan and notice that all the people are turned into clowns and that there is chaos in the whole city. They realize that people all over the world are turning into clowns. The girls vow to put an end to this. In a Sushi Restaurant Sam discovers a warehouse which is full of clown costumes. Bozette arrives in a clown car and reveals her motives: she wants to restore the former glory of clowns after people's ignorance towards them. The girls try to stop her but Bozette manages to trap them in a jack in the box by using various clown-themed weapons. While she leaves to finish her plan, the girls manage to break free using the High Powered Faux Earring Magnet.

The spies finally catch up to Bozette as she activates the pink smoke which will turn everyone into clowns. Bozette tries to stop the girls from interfering by using more clown devices such as water balloons and throwing pies in their faces Clover defeats her by using the Giant Soap Bubble Balloon gadget and trapping her in mid-air where she floats up to space.

At the end of the episode, Jerry tells the spies that Bozette was finally caught at the space station and that she's been taken into custody.


  • Bozette's motive is similar to Jazz Hands. In her case, she wants to revive the former glory of clowns.
  • Her voice in English appears to be tomboyish as seen in this episode.
  • Bozette is named after Bozo the Clown.
  • Bozette's clown car strongly resembles the “Magic School Bus”.