Bozu the Ninja Clown

Bozu is the Ninja-Clown from "Toy Story".


Bozu is silent, funny, witty, calm, respectful, fearless, can sneak off frequently to a hideout or his own personal space, keeps his cool, and he consider dueling a sport and a part of everyday life.

Power Ability

Bozu has Clownish Martial Art abilities.


Bozu has a Balloon Katana, Cream Pie, Flower-like shurikens, Banana boomerang. He first appeared in "Toy Story Shorts" (Small Fry). Bozu wears a purple shinobish mzoku with a green clown hat and red clown shoes and All-purposed shield.


Bozu is one of the discarded fun meal toys in Small Fry. He is the only silent character in the support group. Circus clown by day, 15th century ninja from feudal Japan by night, Bozu is a master of silent entertainment. Armed with his balloon katana and a cream pie, this Ninja Clown is sure to have even the grumpiest Circus audience members in stitches!


Bozu was named after “The World’s Most Famous Clown of America” and the Japanese Tapas Lounge in Brooklyn, NY.