Clown (Pinky and the Brain)

The Clown is an antagonist in the Pinky and the Brain 3-part episode "Brainwashed".


The Evil Clown was once a scary party clown, until he became Precious's accomplice during her plot to dumb down humanity with the Schmëerskåhøvên. When Pinky and The Brain refused to perform the dance in Washington D.C., they chased the Evil Clown to an elevator, where they were doused with knockout gas and processed by the Top Hat, which brainwashed them into thinking they were "hats" living in the Land of Hats.

After they escaped, the Clown followed them back to Acme Labs. When they came close to uncovering the true author of the Schmëerskåhøvên, he activated Acme Labs' self-destruct sequence, destroying it.

Later, when Snowball, Pinky and The Brain tracked the origin of the Schmëerskåhøvên to The Island of Doctor Mordough, Precious revealed herself as the mastermind behind the dastardly dance. There, she had the Evil Clown cage the three up, give Pinky a fish-flavored kitty treat, and send them back through the gene splicer.

Later, Precious gave the Evil Clown an extra verse to the Schmëerskåhøvên, which he passed along to Swedish supergroup BAAB to sing for the world. When Bobby Bob Boffo performed The Brain's extra verse instead, she told the Evil Clown to stop him, but he was foiled when Bobby Bob accidentally poured hot coffee all over him, forcing the clown to cool off in the Lincoln Memorial Reflecting Pool. After Bobby Bob adopted Precious and became Clinton's Chief of Staff, The Brain noted Precious would be consorting with a much less dangerous bunch of clowns.