Clowns (Soul Eaters)-1-

The Clowns are minor villains in the anime series Soul Eater. They are the physical emboidments of insanity of the Kishin Asura.

The First Clown was responsible for driving the death Scthye Justin Law to go insane and bring his servitute. Medusa also creates her own clowns and many Clowns were created by Asura's madness. The Clowns are the guardians of the last Demon Tool.

The clowns are different from the one of the manga, even though their appearences are similiar. They are not the contagion of madness, but rather are two guardian machines, created by Eibon — and possibly Shinigami, that protect the last demon tool which is needed to activate Brew.

The clowns as well as the demon tool had both lay hidden under a village for many years but after they were excavated, twenty years before the current time, they had eaten all the people present. They again lay dormant until Death the Kid entered the tent in which the tool resided. However, soon after Kid gets the key, he’s attacked by one of the clowns. Kid manages to escape from this clown by returning to the surface, but he’s caught off guard by the second clown. The two clowns together are able to outmaneuver him, and Kid is distracted momentarily by the clowns’ symmetry within their attacks. Ultimately they are defeated using the attack Death Cannon. After the battle is over, Kid walks past the broken remains of one of the clowns, and it gathers up enough energy to play a recorded message. The message tells Kid to ask himself whether he’s qualified to use the demon tool for himself or not, and it warns that there’s no glory for those without - only destruction.


The clowns possess extremely flexible bodies, are both agile and attack using the extensions on their arms, which are able to split down the middle revealing large sharp teeth and so form a mouth.

  • Self repair: If a clown has been damaged in battle, it has systems for self repair, which it is unable to use them if damaged too heavily.


  • The clowns are similar to The Clown from the manga, having a close to identical appearance with each other.

Notable Clowns[]

  • The Clown
  • The Black Clown
  • The Purple Eyed Clown
  • Kaguya
  • Moonlight
  • White Rabbit