Evan the Clown

Evan MacIntyre is The Ice Cream Clown who is a psychopathic boss in the video game; Dead Rising 2: Off the Record. He is the younger brother of Adam the Clown. He blames Frank West for killing his brother, and is planning to kill Frank West for the death of his brother.


Evan fights Frank while he's on stilts. If Frank gets to close to him, Evan will attempt to kick Frank with the stilts. He also carries a special snow cannon that can freeze Frank to either slow him down or freeze him completely. Evan also sometimes throw explosive canisters of liquid nitrogen. When his health has been halfed, he loses his stilts. When he loses his stilits, he starts to run abnormally fast, on foot, and fights with his bare hands.

Evan's Death

Though Evan's death isn't as gruesome as his brother, it's still pretty cruel. After Frank West defeats Evan, Evan tries to grab one of the liquid nitrogen, but it slip and smashed onto Evan. After the canister hits Evan, it began to freeze him completely. He tried to fight back, but the liquid Nitrogen froze him completely. Frank then pushes the frozen Evan with his foot to the ground, smashing Evan into a million pieces, killing him. But the worst thing about this, is that Frank walks away and says; "That guy kinda cracked me up."


  • Evan the Clown is one of the few, if not only psychopath that seeks revenge on the main protagonist for the death of a relative.
  • Evan is currently the only dwarf in a Dead Rising Game.
  • After Frank West managed to defeat Evan the Clown, there's a small mistake in the following cutscene. When Evan attempts to reach the canisters of liquid nitrogen that were resting on top his car, there was already one on his belt, however it's possible that it was either, empty, or Evan simply overlooked it.