Hellequin 1

Hellequín is the main antagonist of the 2020 Mexican horror film, Beware what you wish for.


'Hellequin' was a man who was dedicated as a jester who was devoured by a flock of crows that an evil sorcerer cursed him before dying that his soul incarnated in a doll and his true job is to rescue evil souls from take them to hell and more years and centuries later, Esteban gives a jester doll to his niece Pamela. without knowing that the puppet was possessed by the spirit of that European.


Pamela is going to be eight years old. She loves fairy tales and old horror movies. Her parents take her to celebrate her birthday and her uncle Esteban gives her as a gift a jester named “Hellequin” who will allow her to see the spectacle of how adults behave when they think no one is seeing them. A chilling and terrifying web of suspense, betrayal and crime will be woven before her eyes.


  • 'Omnipresence:' Hellequín can observe people in the theater as if they were puppets to predict his fate.
  • 'Mind Control:' Hellequin manipulates Pamela to convince her that adults act wickedly and at the end of the movie, he ends up forcing Pamela to murder her mother by throwing her down the stairs.
  • 'Soul Absorption:' Hellequin can absorb the souls of the wicked and then take them to hell.