Hollywood Harry

Hollywood Harry is the nickname given to former actor, clown and circus performer Harold Kappowitz also known as Koodles the Clown. After being kicked off of Universal Studios due to a decrease in the popularity and an increase in the fear of clowns, Kappowitz retreated into the Hollywood Hills and began to formulate his revenge to get back at those who fired him. He was the main character in Eli Roth presents Terror Tram at the 2016 event of Halloween Horror Nights Hollywood.


In the late 1950s, Los Angeles resident Harold Kappowitz entertained television audiences with his alter ego Koodles the Clown. Koodles soon became Universal Studios' unofficial mascot until the media began to depict clowns in a negative light, turning them into the stuff of nightmares. In the 1970s, circus attendance plummeted, forcing Kappowitz to work as an unpaid street performer. His behavior became increasingly unstable as he scared guests in rageful psychosis and schizophrenia, resulting in his permanent removal from the property. Kappowitz confined himself to the Hollywood Hills as his alter ego ceased to exist. But from it, a far more sinister ego emerged.

Decades later, strange things began happening at Universal Studios Hollywood. The studio's wildlife population declined and tour guides began to go missing one by one. By the summer of 2016, Kappowitz emerged from his isolation and Hollywood Harry was born.

Currently, dozens of people claim to have seen the maniacal clown roaming heavily populated areas in Los Angeles with authorities linking the masked man to a series of kidnappings. With the creepy clown still at large, watch your backs roaming Universal Studios this holiday season. Hollywood Harry is one clown that'll make sure you never laugh again. Share to make aware of Hollywood Harry and stay safe.

In 2018, Hollywood Harry returns to tell his own Deadtime Stories: Who Let The Dogz Out?, Kill Billy's Inn, The Scarecrow's Revenge and Clownz On A Plane.


Harold Kappowitz used to be a funny, loving and playful clown who entertained families and children alike. However, as the world began to portray clowns in a negative light, he became very angry and resentful. His mental instability worsened when he was kicked off Universal Studios and retreated into the Hollywood Hills and Universal Studios backlot. He's now fully embraced what the world views clowns as: a monster that kidnaps children and kills people and animals. In 2018, he develops a Crypt Keeper-like personality when he introduces his Deadtime Stories.


Without the makeup and costume, Harold Kappowitz is a middle-aged man with dark hair. As Koodles the Clown AKA Hollywood Harry, he wears a red coat with badges on it, a blue shirt, baggy blue pants with red stripes, red and white polka-dotted socks, laced red boots, a bald cap with blue tufts of hair, white makeup, and a painted red nose, lips and eye markings. He is occasionally seen carrying balloons.


  • When he was a mascot and TV show performer, Koodles seems to draw on elements from other famous clowns such as Bozo, Clarabell and Ronald MacDonald.
  • He also seems similar to John Wayne Gacy when he was performing at charaties as Poggo the Clown in that he's mentally unstable ever since being fired and kicked off the property.
  • Presently, Hollywood Harry draws similarities to the Joker and It (as Pennywise the Dancing Clown) in that he's fully embraced the nightmare fuel that clowns have become in modern media. And like It, he can be seen carrying balloons.
  • The story of Hollywood Harry is an obvious reference to the "evil clown sightings" that were reported around the world in 2016.