Jangles the Clown is a minor antagonist of the 2015 Pixar film, Inside Out. He is one of Riley's darkest fears.


Jangles was a hired entertainer in real life at Riley's third birthday party. Riley became so scared of him, that it traumatized her and a version was kept in Subconscious. When Bing Bong is put into Subconscious, Jangles traps him inside his area. After Joy and Sadness rescue him from Jangles, Joy uses him to get Riley awake so they can use the Train of Thought to get back to Headquarters.


Jangles is a giant clown with blue hair, a white face with a crazy scary smile and goofy green eyes. He's dressed in a red top and blue spotty pants with big floppy shows and carries a huge mallet.


  • In 2008, an anonymus Pixar animator said, that Chuckles the Clown would have become the villain in Toy Story 3, but it was scrapped, and Lotso became the villain. Both Jangles name and appearance resemble Chuckles, so maybe he is the deleted version of the scrapped evil version of Chuckles.
  • Jangles is the closest thing the movie has to a villain.