Jester (Great Adventures)

Jester is the navigator who is the King McBeard's assistant. The character's appearance is a talking jester. His name goes by Jester and is the navigator of the player and McDuff. He appears in the Windows 95 computer game, Great Adventures by Fisher Price: Castle.


Ambush of King Smudge's men[]

Jester narrated the story to the player that King Smudge sent his knights to ambush the village, including the castle. He was thrown out by one of the evil king's men, locking up King McBeard. Later, he finds a brave knight named McDuff.

Meeting McDuff[]

Jester meets McDuff in the town. He talks to him that the King Smudge has invaded the castle and arrested King McBeard. He gives McDuff the Royal Seal (which is depicted as a true seal). This item is used to send all the good knights to his army. He assists McDuff to be brave and have good luck on his quest.


  • The Main Menu - Jester gives the player two options: find all the good knights or find only two good knights.
  • The Market - Jester gives McDuff a lousy item. He asks him to trade it for many aisles for a good knight.
  • The Crystal Cave - Jester asks the player to repeat the music played by Eli to find a knight.
  • The River - Jester asks the player to find a good knight in the river.
  • The Tournament - Jester asks the player to fire the right cannonballs with the right number to win the tournament in order to find a good knight.
  • The Inn - Jester asks the player to put the stones back in place in the right order to find a good knight.
  • The Blacksmith - Jester convinces McDuff that the blacksmith can't hear his voice. The player must have all the good knights to get his attention.
  • Ambush on the Castle - Jester asks the player to use the good knights said by McDuff to defeat many of King Smudge's guards.
  • The Dungeon - Jester convinces the player to defeat King Smudge and rescue the imprisoned king.