Jester (Pocket Dragon Adventures)

Jester is the main character of Pocket Dragon Adventure Episode, "Jester Round The Bend".


Jester was seen when he got unwrapped all of a sudden while Scribbles and Binky were looking for something to cheer up their owner, Wizard. Because, he got a heavy cold. Binky thinks Jester would make a good present for the Wizard. Meanwhile, Wizard is in bed and under the weather. Scribbles made him breakfast with eggs. Binky arrived with a present for him. Wizard unwrapped and opened it and sees Jester in the box. He was surprised and nervous to see him. He thanked Binky for that and plans to put him away somewhere very safe. Binky told him she found a note from inside Jester and begins to read. Wizard told her not to say a word from it. But. it was too late. She said the word in the note which suddenly bought Jester to life. After that, Jester was delight to be back for some fun. He's also surprised to see Wizard all grown up. Jester mentioned all the jokes they played on each other. As Wizard recall, Jester's the one playing all the pranks. Letting magic against Jester is the only way Wizard could fend off his practical jokes. Jester mentioned that Wizard got the last laugh when Wizard hid Jester away in the trunk and in to the attic all the years. But, Jester got it whe he vows to never go back in the trunk ever again. He starts juggling rubber eggs and lets them bounce around the room. Zoom-Zoom catched one and got splat all over. Jester made breakfast with eggs to them and splashed eggs all over the room. Then, Jester wanders off laughing. Binky apologized to Wizard, Because she didn't know that Jester would cause so much trouble. Wizard explained that Uncle Yorax gave Jester to him as a birthday gift when he was a little child. Yoric had quite a sense of humor. Zoom-Zoom asked him how he stopped the Jester. Wizard told them inside his marotte is another spell that turns Jester back to a doll. Wizard warns them it will difficult to get the marotte. He doesn't recall how he got hold of it and wasn't very easy. Filbert tells him not to worry, because they'll get the marotte. Then, he tells the others to clean up first and split up. Scribbles and Specs makes a trap with a banana cream pie and searches for Jester. Suddenly, they see the furnitures and belonings on the ceiling with Jester sitting in a chair upside-down. Specs couldn't understand how all the water can stay upside-down in a fishtank. Jester releases all the water, washes them to their trap they made and get covered in banana cream. Zoom-Zoom and Cuddles gets their feet covered in soap to give them to catch up with Jester and get his marotte. Jester sees them and run off to set up a trap. Zoom-Zoom slides to the living room and grabs the marotte while Jester was sitting in a chair and reading a book. Jester pours a bucket of water on Zoom-Zoom and he slides through the hallway to the doggy door and crashed in the backyard. Zoom-Zoom comes back in covered in leafs and flowers and gives the marotte to Cuddles. Jester pops out of nowhere and grabs the marotte back from him and runs off. Meanwhile, Wizard was drinking a cup of tea for his cold and wishes that he sould've made a copy of the spell that's inside the marotte. Filbert and Binky are figuring out how to get the marotte when Binky mentioned that Jester has practically turned their castle to a funhouse. That gave Filbert an ingenius idea. Jester spies on them and runs to the attic to find something he could use. He then hears Binky making a joke and checks what going on down stairs. He sees a slide on the stairs and plays on it. He lands on edge of the board which catapult a bucket of water on him. He tumble backwards with a bucket on his head. Zoom-Zoom set a banana peel which Jester step and slips on. Hit the pillow and crashed to the bathroom. He crawls out of the bathroom, covered in soap foam and fell in a hole under the rug. He land and slide on the stair rail to a cart. He rides thought the castle like roller coaster. The Pockets tries to grab the marotte with no success. Then, He flies off the cart when he hit end of the line. Scribbles grabs the marotte and tossed it to Specs. He opened the marotte and tossed it to Binky. She take a paper out of the marotte says what the paper wrote. After that, Jester turns back to a doll. Wizard almost recovers from the cold and decides to place Jester on top of the fireplace where he'll always be able to smile down at them. Binky says that Jester didn't have to back in the trunk after all and really did got the last laugh.