Joe (Killer Klown)-1-

Joe is a killer klown with rainbow-colored hair and one of the members of the Killer Klown Parade.


Joe looks exactly like Jumbo. He shot one person who knew that the Klowns were killing people and was hiding under a car. Joe walked by him without spotting the person, who only five seconds after Joe walked by had got out of the car to make a run for it. Joe quickly turned around and shot the person behind him into a cotton candy cocoon who tries to escape and saw Mike, Dave and the Terenzi Brothers in the ice cream truck driving off without getting shot.

Later, Joe was coming out to whack down the three humans Mike, Debbie and Dave who barely escaped Spikey and two other Klowns chasing them with a balloon pooch (you can see him coming out from a pillar attached to a sphere object in the camera shot of three seconds where Shorty and two other Klowns also came out). He was carrying a yellow and brown polka dotted stick that had a slightly obtuse angle (rather, had he and the other Klowns carried their cotton candy guns instead, the three heroes would have instantly been killed). He was seen back behind the row of Klowns when Mike Debbie and Dave all became surrounded after climbing onto the top of a staircase. He was along with the other Klowns petrified when the Terenzi Brothers crashed their truck into the wall and using a plastic head that looks like a clown on top of the truck, uses their speaker system to order them not to harm the three humans. Joe and all the others left when they realized their actual leader, Klownzilla, came in to kill the humans. His hairstyle resembles Moe Howard's from The Three Stooges.