Jojo the Klownzilla-1-

Jojo the Klownzilla (also known as "Jojo" or "Klownzilla") is the overarching antagonist of the 1988 film Killer Klowns from Outer Space. He is an 18 foot tall Killer Klown with purple hair and is a parody of Godzilla. He is the biggest of the Killer Klowns though not the most dangerous. The other Killer Klowns show formal respect to him by clearing a path for him to arrive, proving that he is their actual leader.

Klownzilla arrived where all five humans that had intruded the Big Top were just about to get away. It was likely that Klownzilla came in to assert his leadership of the Klowns against the Terenzis Brothers’ so-called The Great and Powerful Jojo which is a clown head speaker on their ice cream truck. Klownzilla did not mistake the fake plastic clown head for a real Klown like the other Klowns, and smashed it, before pounding on the Terenzi Brothers’ ice cream van and throwing it away, causing a gasoline explosion.

Klownzilla was about to grab Mike and Debbie, but Officer Hansen distracted him with his pistol allowing Mike and Debbie to run off in the giant hole made in the wall. Hansen’s pistol had no effect on Klownzilla and then the giant Klown had grabbed Hansen with his fist. By now, the human police have arrived to go hunt down the aliens responsible for the genocide on the town of Cresent Cove at the Big Top, but the circus tent had lift off to go back to outer space, where the Klowns had come from. Before Klownzilla could eat Hansen, he used his police badge to blast Klownzilla’s nose, dropping Hansen and then spinning around before exploding. It caused The Big Top to get destroyed, killing off all the other Killer Klowns.