Jumbo is one of the primary Klowns in the film Killer Klowns from Outer Space, being the first one to appear on screen and the first one to be killed.

Role in film

Jumbo was the first Killer Klown to appear in the film, where he had killed the farmer with his cotton candy gun who was investigating the Big Top. Later, Jumbo showed up outside of the Big Top Burger, and was using a finger gesture to tell a girl to come close to him while holding a mallet behind him so he could kill her. However, the girl’s mother told the girl to finish her food before meeting Jumbo, making him mad and vocally growl his anger. It is unknown whether Jumbo decided to continue waiting and got the chance to kill her. Unlike the other Killer Klowns, Jumbo is very slow at using methods to kill humans and does not immediately charge towards them, although this is probably because the Killer Klowns have a habit of keeping their genocide completely unknown. Jumbo had shown up at the Police Station where he was bothering Officer Mooney with his water squirt flowers, making Mooney decide to arrest him. Jumbo has an unlimited number of hands, as he removed the pair that Mooney handcuffed.

Jumbo was ordered to walk inside the prison cell with the two teenagers arrested for alcohol use at campus. When Mooney used his nightstick to slap Jumbo on the back of his neck, Jumbo turned his head around and got mad at him. Mooney locked up the cage stating that Jumbo will be begging for mercy, then Jumbo used a candy-cane like blow piece that popped out a hand that had strangled Mooney to death. One of the prisoners asked Jumbo, “What are you in here for?”. Jumbo then broke out of the cage, killed the two teenagers with his cotton candy gun, and redecorated the police station inside with several orange shoe prints and 1 blue print.

Officer Hansen arrived at the police station and found Jumbo sitting on Mooney's chair now holding Mooney as his ventriloquist dummy with blood on Mooney’s mouth region to make him look like a wooden puppet. Jumbo used his puppet to speak in Mooney’s voice, “Don’t worry Dave. All we want to do is kill you”. Jumbo then released his hand covered in blood out of Mooney’s body. Hansen grabbed out his pistol shooting at Jumbo, which had no effect on him except at his nose. Jumbo’s nose was shot, making him spin around in a green flash until exploding. He was the first Killer Klown to be killed by a human.