Magori was one of the Killer Klowns with red hair and colossal blue flat eyebrows that look painted.


Magori was seen trying to whack down Mike, Debbie and Hansen until the Terenzi Brothers drove in using their “Great and Powerful Jojo” fake head on top of their ice cream van to command the Klowns to stop. Magori is only seen for a few seconds, but his face is on one of the film’s posters and he is the most visible in the marketed picture depicting Magori in the middle with Spikey, Jumbo, a Fatso look-alike and Slim towering over the policeman who was killed with acid pies. He somewhat resembles Rudy. He presumably died because Klownzilla died and blew up the Klown's ship with all of the Klowns inside. His face is the most visible in the film's marketing due to being printed on the film's primary posters and DVD packaging.