Major Bedhead

Major Bedhead is one of Loonette's Friends and his job is a mail man.


He delivers mail to a Teenage girl named Loonette The Clown every day at Granny Garbonzo's garden. He even stays a while and puts up with Loonette's crazy childish games. Major Bedhead is a hyper active old adult 20 years old who acts like he's a teenager Major bed head's favorite color is Pink in the Episode "Clothes makes the Clown" he was upset that Molly the doll got a nice pink Sweater and not him he even stated Pink's my favorite color in that episode. He Turns 21 in "Don't Tell" Majorbed head is often happy and if not he either doesn't talk or just cries. He never get's angry but is mouthy in the episode "Rude I culous" he mouths off to Granny when she tells him to stop making rude noises. But most of the time Bedhead is nice he is very respectful to woman. Bedhead is very clumsy and a good dancer. He also loves to sing and is very serious on his job a little too serious sometimes he is also forgetful. Bedhead teaches at a dojo on his free time it helps him relax sometimes a little too much.

Majorbed head is afraid of thunder but Loonette helps him over come that fear real quickly. The actor who plays Majorbedhead is named Fred Stinson. Majorbedhead loves Granny's cat Snickelfritz even though Snickelfritz sometimes irritates him when he's not listening to Granny. Bedhead drives a motorcycle when he's not riding his unicycle. Beadhead is a sleepwalker in the episode "see ya in my dreams" he walks over to Granny's garden not realizing how he ended up their.