"The Mascot From Hell" is a fairly common archetype that often parodies real-life mascots, turning them into demonic and/or immoral beings in a similar manner to the Monster Clown.

A "Mascot From Hell" often inhabits the theme-park version of The Circus of Fear but some may appear in other settings, unlike real-world Mascots not all fictional Mascots are simply people dressed in suits: they may actually be treated as real people (or, more accurately, creatures).

Some real-world mascots have become a part of this archetype due to fan-made material - especially with the advent of the internet and trends such as Youtube Poop or "Troll" Humor..


  • Ronald McDonald - technically a Monster Clown the popular mascot of McDonalds still qualifies as a "Mascot From Hell" due to the many parodies done to his name.
  • Deady - demonic teddy bear who is also a creation/mascot of Voltaire.
  • Robbie the Rabbit - Silent Hill's semi-official mascot.
  • The King - like Ronald McDonald the creepy mask and bizarre ads of a certain Burger King has made him a target for this archetype.
  • Trollface - a controversial entry, however Trollface has become a "mascot" of sorts to the "trolling" culture.
  • Smile Time Puppets - the stars of a children's show in Angel that were literal examples of this concept.
  • Mickey Mouse - the universally "good" mascot of Disney famously become one of these during his South Park appearance.
  • Popsicle Pete - Innocent mascot turned embodiment of Satan courtesy of Seanbaby