Pickles the Clown

Pickles is a clown who is allergic to dogs and wears green clown clothes. In the episode "Arthur the Unfunny," he gives Arthur clowning lessons. He first appeared in the episode "Arthur and the Real Mr. Ratburn" as a cameo character. He has been seen again in the background throughout the series. His most major appearance was in "Arthur's Lost Dog" where he was giving away free balloons for the Downtown Day festival.


  • Arthur
    • Arthur and the Real Mr. Ratburn (cameo)
    • Arthur's Lost Dog
    • Arthur the Unfunny
    • How the Cookie Crumbles (cameo)
    • Muffy's New Best Friend
    • 1001 Dads
    • Francine's Big Top Trouble (cameo)
    • Through the Looking Glasses (cameo in fantasy)