Pierrot is the emperor of Bad End Kingdom. For the first half of the season, the Bad End Kingdom villains worked to collect enough Bad Energy to revive him, as he had been sealed away by Royale Queen before the start of the story. In Episode 23, he was successfully revived, but temporarily defeated by the Princess Cures. However, a piece of Pierrot (possibly his heart) managed to escape.


Pierrot resembles a gigantic clown, dressed in a dark purple clown's suit. He has red glowing eyes, a red nose and purple hair, decorated with 4 colored balls that resemble the Akanbe noses. He also has purple flame erupting from the top of his head.


Sometime before the start of the series he was sealed away at the same time the Royale Queen fell into a deep slumber. His minions have been collecting bad energy to try to revive him and seem to have succeeded only to have him suffer a temporary defeat at the hands of the Pretty Cures who attained their Princess forms. A piece of him seems to have been shot off into space where he is undergoing a transformation and a second revival.


As the head of the villains, Pierrot is probably strong, and a blast of Bad Energy from his mouth easily defeated the Cures' Rainbow Healing attack. However, his just-awakened state was no match for the Cure's upgraded Princess Forms and he was temporarily defeated by new attack Rainbow Burst.


  • Pierrot's voice actor, Genda Tesshou, also voiced main villain Howling from the Suite Pretty Cure♪ movie, and currently voices Gorisaki Banana from Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters, which airs exactly one hour before Smile Pretty Cure!. Outside Precure series, Genda voiced other villains like Kurama.
  • In his final form, Pierrot is the largest main villain in the Pretty Cure franchise, along with Black Hole from Pretty Cure All Stars DX 3: Mirai ni Todoke! Sekai wo Tsunagu☆Niji-Iro no Hana.
    • Though Pierrot's final form is as large as Black Hole, he is most probably much weaker than him. Pierrot is finally defeated by five upgraded Pretty Cures and Royal Candy, while Black Hole manages to stand against 21 upgraded main characters for a minute. Also, Black Hole himself is created by the evil energy of six evil organizations (Dust Zone, Dark Fall, Nightmare, Eternal, Labyrinth and the Desert Apostles), inclusive the six main villains Dark King, Goyan, Desperaia, the Boss, Moebius and Dune.