Pomni is the main protagonist of the 3D animated web series, “The Amazing Digital Circus”


Pomni was once a human, before she played this computer game “The Amazing Digital Circus”, and she’s now one of the most recent players to be trapped in the game, led by the ringmaster Caine. As soon as she got sent into this game, she forgot about her own identity, so she was supplied with a new randomized name, Pomni.


Pomni is a stylized humanoid character, with a large head and small, slim limbs. She has completely white skin, with small markings imitating blush underneath her eyes, and thick ebony lines around her eyes that may represent eyeliner. Her pupil formation appears to change frequently, but most often appears as a red and blue pinwheel imprint. She has asymmetrical eyelashes, with her left eye having eyelashes on the top eyelid and her right eye having eyelashes on the bottom. She has short, straight medium black hair (which often appears brown due to lighting), with two small nuggets poking out from under her hat and two locks of hair formulating the flanks of her face.

Her ensemble resembles that of a clown, like Kaufmo, but with identical characteristics to a jester rather than that of a circus clown. She wears a red and blue jumpsuit with round, poofy sleeves, and shorts, an asymmetrical disbandment of the red and blue colors in plain sections (for the torso part) and stripes (for the sleeves and shorts), and yellow accents, a pair of pom-poms, cuffs, and undershirt. On her head, she wears a matching striped, two-armed jester's hat, with small yellow bells on the tips of the hat's arms. She also wears gloves, with the left one being blue, and the right being red with the same yellow accents as the ones on her clothing. Inverse to this, her left shoe is red and her right shoe is blue.


Pomni has a high-strung, timid, and paranoid demeanor. In the pilot episode, she is shown to be anxious and troubled in regards to her predicament, even succumbing to denial and exhibiting signs of paranoia and delusion. When she finds the "exit", she experiences moderate signs of paranoia and seems to believe she is hallucinating. Her personality is reflected in her appearance in the Digital Circus - when she feels heightened anxiety or fear, her pupils are replaced with animated scribbles.