Rudy (Killer Klowns)-1-

Rudy was the first Klown that Mike and Debbie saw and the second Klown to appear on screen.


He was first seen carrying a cotton candy cocoon to hang it next to a few others. He heard Mike drop hid flashlight, so he grabbed a popcorn rifle and shot at Mike and Debbie, then joined Spikey using a balloon pooch to hunt them down. Rudy and Spikey were knocked down by Mike and Debbie with their car. Rudy is always seen carrying a bag that most likely contains popcorn inside of it. Rudy was seen assisting Shorty in collecting items from a shop for unknown reasons. Rudy was seen knocking down umbrellas and searching for items with much loud noise, frightening the store owner. Shorty in his curiosity sprayed a white substance onto Rudy’s face. Rudy had also piled up several items into a cart which was the last time he was seen at the store.

Later, Rudy wearing a firefighter helmet with Shorty, Bibbo, and Chubby were carrying a trampoline for Debbie to bounce into when she attempted to jump out of her apartment room from Slim. Somehow, he and Bibbo were actually later at Debbie’s room when they were just carrying the trampoline back on the ground a few seconds ago. Rudy had joined Shorty, Slim, Bibbo, and Chubby in taking a ride in the Klown Car with Debbie collected in a balloon and killing off an annoying policeman with corrosive pies. Rudy also came out when Mike, Debbie, and Dave were discovered in the Big Top and was the closest to hitting mike in the highest row until Mike pushed him off. He was last seen leaving with the rest of the Klowns when their leader Klownzilla came in. Rudy’s face is visible on The Dickies’ album’s front cover for the film’s theme song. He almost look awfully like Magori.