Scuzzo (The Simpsons)

Scuzzo is a clown from "The Simpsons".


When Dwight took hostages at the First Bank of Springfield he told them that he will let them live as long as there's no funny stuff. Krusty told him that he didn't need to worry about him as he was voted America's least funny clown in Laff Ways. He was therefore worse than Scuzzo, Scummo, Oopsie, Carlos Mencia, Stinko, Blumpy and Sergeant Serious. Krusty told him that he didn't like it as he didn't understand how he could be worse than Sergeant Serious, for he has stolen all his jokes.

Scuzzo got a job at Ding-A-Ling Bros. Circus as a clown and was the right-hand man of the ringmaster. When Krusty was hired for the circus, Scuzzo showed him around and introduced him to the other clowns. After Krusty's first awful show, Scuzzo told Krusty to hand in his stuff as he was fired. After Krusty had a good act, Scuzzo told Krusty that his act was the bravest act he had ever seen.

After Krusty decided to turn himself into the police so the circus could get the reward money to stay open, Scuzzo went to hand him in. After Krusty got released, he went to the train as the circus was departing to join them. Scuzzo told Krusty that he was a TV clown and a traitor to their kind before getting on the train as it took off.


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