Jojo Tickle's best friend in the Disney Channel series Jojo's Circus. He is voiced by Austin Diiulio and currently Max Calinescu.


Skeebo is a fun loving 7 year old clown who loves to make his friends laugh. Sometimes he does magic tricks. He always practices hard for his tricks. He is very loyal to Jojo and the rest of his friends. He can also get overly cocky, but still has a heart of gold.


Skeebo is a young clown who wears a cowboy hat, purple glasses, vest with a star badge and a red right shoe as well as a blue left shoe.


He likes to make people laugh by performing various clown tricks. All his friends know that he is the funniest clown around.

He is very enthusiastic and fun loving.

He is allergic to peanuts.

He is an excellent swimmer.

He is a cowboy clown.

He loves animals.

He likes to eat corn dogs, popcorn and drink fruit juices.

He is also very adventurous and brave.