Richard "Stitches" Grindle is the main antagonist of the 2012 comedy horror film Stitches. He was a children's birthday party entertainer that met a grisly end at one of his jobs. After being resurrected by a clown cult, he returns six years later to get revenge on the kids that caused his death.

He was portrayed by Ross Noble.



Stitches is a 5' 9" white man with light blue eyes and grey hair. He wears an over-sized plaid jacket and matching pants held up by suspenders, with a yellow Hawaiian shirt and olive green t-shirt underneath. His face is painted white with red streaks through the eyes and red lipstick. He also wears a big red nose, white gloves, mismatched socks, big yellow and blue shoes, and a white bald cap with slots for his hair to stick through.


As a spirit/zombie, he takes on a more twisted look. His face looks like it's decomposing, he has scars where he was stabbed, his hair is crazier, his nose has been replaced with the big red one, his yellow shirt turned green, and his shoes are covered in dried blood that turned black.



Nothing is known about Stitches's early life. All we know is that he had a mistress and was living in a camper in somewhere in England. When Richard Grindle took the stage name "Stitches" and became a clown, the Motley had him paint his face on an egg in case he were to die on a job. Grindle was unaware of the significance of the egg and thought it was just something stupid they made him do.

Last Job[]

After speeding down the road in his car, Stitches arrives late to his job, a ten year old child's birthday party. Unfortunately, the children don't find him funny or entertaining. While attempting to juggle, Vinny ties his shoelaces together and Tom hits him in the face with a soccer ball, causing him to trip and fall on a kitchen knife that was sticking out of the dishwasher. Stitches pulls the knife out of his eye and tries to stab Tom with it, slipping on the blood and being stabbed in the eye again, killing him. After a funeral and burial, the Motley conduct a ritual in the cemetery with Stitches's egg, which allows him to return from the grave.

6 Years Later[]

Now sixteen years old and trying to get over his trauma, Tom throws a party for his birthday and his friend Vinny invites everyone at school. One of the party invitations lands on Stitches's grave and Stitches rises out of the ground, ready for vengeance. He makes his way to Tom's house, where he sneaks upstairs and kills Paul on the balcony. After killing Paul, Stitches uses his nose to search for his other targets. The nose leads him into the pantry where he finds Bulger eating beans and kills him by scooping out his brain. Searching for her boyfriend, Paul, Sarah goes upstairs and encounters Stitches. He attacks her, but she fends him off by stabbing him in the neck with her heel. While trying to run away, Stitches throws his umbrella and it impales her through the eye.


Inside the cemetery building, the Boss Clown finishes putting the last piece of Stitches's egg on, and the egg repairs itself. As the screen cuts to black, Stitches says his catchphrase once more, implying that he will return.